Creative Arts at Mayflower

We are passionate about the arts at Mayflower.  All our classes are named after artists and every year the first half term is spent discovering more about their lives and work. We celebrate our location by organising regular visits across London every half term. We want our pupils develop a lifelong love of visiting art galleries and museums, through their experiences at our school. We have built up strong partnerships with local galleries and arts organisations such as Bow Arts and The Whitechapel Art Gallery. Our children work with professional artists each year on new and exciting projects which develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in the arts. We reflect our children’s enthusiasm for learning around the school through exciting displays linked to our topics and pride ourselves on our engaging learning environments. After school clubs are available for children to explore particular interests such as art, street-dance, ballet and drumming. We also work with other local schools in the Poplar Partnership to improve and develop our arts provision each year, sharing staff training to continue to develop their own skills and teaching of the arts.


We introduce children to the exciting world of music though a mixture of practical music lessons which build up to exciting and memorable performances. We use professional musicians in each key stage to enthuse and inspire. All children learn how to sing and play the drums and the guitar giving them a solid foundation for musical theory as well as a love of music. The school also runs a very popular and talented choir which practices each week, singing modern classics and performing a concert at the end of each term in the local community.

Bow Arts Projects

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