Mayflower’s Curriculum

Our school’s vision runs through our curriculum. We strive for excellence in learning and want all our pupils to be successful learners. We are constantly searching for new and innovated ways to make learning more exciting. We want everyone at Mayflower to enjoy the sense of adventure learning brings and to discover how learning changes lives.

We have high expectations of ourselves and all our learners. We encourage pupils and staff to be problem solvers with a ‘can do’ attitude. We make use of our city so that pupils experience and feel part of London. We enable our pupils to understand they are citizens of a wider global community. We make sure our school is an inclusive, stimulating environment that reflects and celebrates our creative learning.

Our curriculum is Literacy rich and designed to give our pupils local and global knowledge within a board and balanced curriculum. Our topics are based around excellent books, storytelling and visits. This helps put children’s learning in context and also brings learning alive. We want pupils to be talking about their learning and asking questions which shape the learning in their class. We want pupils to persevere and reflect on their learning and to go back and improve their work.

We continue to refine and improve our curriculum, looking for new ways to work together across the school and to keep learning current and open to fresh ideas and approaches.

We have woven storytelling into each half termly topic to improve the quality of pupils talk and writing. By the time pupils leave Mayflower they will know 48 stories really well. Local Authority advisor recently observed that, "Pupils across the school are all experiencing meaningful learning opportunities, resulting in improved outcomes in learning."

We have carefully selected stories that come from around the world and reflect different cultures and times. Our stories have both male and female protagonists. We also make use of our rich local heritage too as well as leaving space for important current events too.

The first topic of each year begins with the class artist. Our classes are named after innovators. Kapoor and Hepworth are sculptors: Matisse, Klee, O’Keeffe, Haring, Hokusai and Rousseau, are painters. Boyce, Kusama, Riley, Hockney and Ofili are contemporary painters. Ray is a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Children will learn about 8 artists as they move through Mayflower.

Pupils learn key skills from the National Curriculum within topics when possible or discrete when not. We follow the agreed syllabus for religious Education for Tower Hamlets, Which has been developed in consultation with the borough’s teaching staff and communities of religious and beliefs. Pupils learn about the major religions so that with greater knowledge they can respect and have a greater understanding of religions and beliefs.

Music provision at Mayflower includes weekly singing, drumming and recorders. We buy into additional support from Thames, Tower Hamlets music service who provides us with music tutors.

P.E. lessons are taught by Class Teachers in our two halls and playground. We also buy into additional specialist sports provision with sports coaches and dance teachers. LKS2 pupils attend weekly swimming lessons at Poplar Baths.

We offer a wide range of learning opportunities beyond the school day which change each term. We have breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs which include for example science, art, music, dance, sports, computer and modern foreign languages. Pupils choose the area of learning which appeals to them and learn something new for the term. These experiences give pupils new interests and help them to lead healthier lives.

We have a two year curriculum cycle because we are one and half form entry and to keep the learning fresh. Our curriculum overview gives you a flavour of what Mayflower pupils learn.





Accelerated Reader

"Pupils' learning is outstanding. This is because senior leaders, teachers and teaching assistance are determined to ensure that all pupils leave Mayflower with the best possible chance of future success."

- Oftsed, 2017